Hairstyle Challenge 2 : Natural Hair Midi Afro Ponytail

As a 4c natural hair woman. Hairstyles can sometimes be limited. Especially when that hairstyles needs you to de-tangle you hair and you only have 20 minutes before you leave. That is exactly the reason why I actually don’t like hairstyles. I keep my hair in a stretch out afro.

However , it is now 2019, and I decided to make more of an effort . I tried out the Natural Hair Midi Afro Ponytail with 5 day old hair . Meaning it is super tangled and it is close to wash day .

If you are anything like me, I decided to do a step by step hairstyle guide to make your day a bit easier.

Step 1: Gather all your hair and make a side path. Which ever side you prefer and comb it gently.


Step 2 : Add the gel/ moisturiser/ hair mousse of your choice in the direction you want to brush you hair .


Step 3 : Add your telephone hair tie /elastic band , and position it as low as you want it .


Step 4 : Once you have positioned the telephone hair tie /elastic band . You can sleek your hair flat and Viola ! You have a Natural Hair Midi Afro Ponytail .


Till next time …



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