Hairstyle Challenge 1 – Natural Hair High Bun

After wearing an Afro for a while . Sometimes change is good and also a good idea to surprise the family that you do have ears.

I tried being authentic and used 3 day old hair ( meaning 3 days since you washed your hair ). If you want to do a hairstyle , it has to be quick and need no detangling .

High Bun Tutorial

Step 1 : Fluff out your hair as much as you can . If you need to, use a hair dryer and stretch out your hair in sections. The heat of the hairdryer relaxes your hair strand and makes it more manageable .

Step 2: Put gel on all your hair. and brush  your hair to the centre of your head .

Step 3 : Brush your hair up and use a telephone wire tie/ hair elastics to the centre of your head . Choose a hair tie that will allow you to tie your hair extremely tight into a ponytail.

Step 4: Once you have secured your hair . You are ready for the good part .

Step 5 : Take a fake bun (made with a sock) and put your hair through the hole of the sock bun.  Push the bun right down to the start of the ponytail. Mae sure the Bun is secure .


Step 6 : Get your hair pins ready . Take a small section of your hair and pin it around the bun. Do this until all your hair is pinned around the bun.


Step 7 : Secure the bun with extra pins if necessary and smooth out any sections of your hair that might have gotten crazy . Voila ! A natural hair bun!


I’m loving this hairstyle . So versatile and you can add any accessories to make it more glam.

Till next time …



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