My secret to faster,longer hair: Menthol Horse Shampoo Recipe

Menthol Horse Shampoo Recipe


Since I cut my hair in 2013 . I have used this combination . Without fail , this shampoo has escalated my hair growth . I usually use it when I feel stressed or over worked, so my hair would fall out in certain places especially my hairline. I use it once a week in conjunction with a very good conditioner. Horse Shampoo can strip the hair of all its natural oils, however, on 4c hair, it picks up all the product build up . Which I love , as my scalp does not get alot of oxygen due to the size of my afro .







250ml Equiline Shampoo

20 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil   






Please Note:

You can dictate how much drops you would love to to add to your shampoo. Please note, peppermint essential oil can be very strong on sensitive skin . So start with 5 drops and work your way up. Your scalp will have a refreshing tingling sensation. It must not burn your scalp. If it does burn your scalp, wash the Menthol Horse Shampoo off immediately and add more Equiline Shampoo to your Menthol Horse Shampoo.

The Equiline Shampoo comes in 1 litre bottles at any chemist of your choice and should retail from R60-100.  Peppermint Essential Oil will also be found at your larger chemists and retail for R50- R60. I buy my essential oils at the Milnerton Market for R60.


I use it in conjunction with Nu-Hair daily tablets which have been a life saver. Its gives me all the added vitamins need to maintain healthy hair growth, skin and hair.  A noticeable  difference can be in in the first 2 weeks on taking the tablets. After 6 months, your hair is stronger, healthier and thick. I love it !


Please let me know what your hair grow tips and tricks are . I’m always excited to learn from fellow natural.





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