One of the first natural hair products I bought was one of my pre-weave favourites. Dark and Lovely . I know the brand. I trusted the relaxed outcome.


However , 2016 brought a new product, Dark and Lovely Au Natural. I try not to buy products in its hype. I waited till 2018 , by default of cause.

What attracted me to this product ? The PRICE !!!

You will get these beautifully packaged bottles at Dischem for R29, 99 (at the time I bought it, Oct 2018)

First things first , I left my hair to be about 7 days since my last afro wash . If I wanted to see what it could do. The product needed to be used on my worst possible hair day .

I started my process by wetting my hair and applying the  Dark and Lovely Moisture Replenishing Shampoo thoroughly. I will be honest and mention that I washed , rinsed and reapplied the shampoo 3 times before I felt like my hair was clean. It lather very easily and smelled amazing .

There after , I rinsed off the shampoo and added a large dollops of Dark and Lovely Au Natural Knot-out conditioner to  each section of my hair and brushed it out immediately. The texture looked creamy and smelled great , however , felt like a very disappointing resemblance to Colgate Conditioner.

When brushing out my hair, I am very gentle but need to ensure my 4c hair is thoroughly brushed. Hence a great conditioner is essential to make my brush out easy. This was not the case, I had to brush each section at least 4-5 times to make sure it was brushed out properly compared to my usual 2 strokes with better performing conditioners.


After I had rinsed off the conditioner, and dried my hair. My hair felt like straw. Usually when my hair is wet , my hair  resembles a 3c curl pattern. It looked more like a dry kink which worried me as the next step would need me to do a natural hair blow out.

After my Natural blow out, it should feel moisturised and soft before I even apply additional products . Unfortunately , it did not.

I used most of my the product in the bottle in just one wash session. Clearly this would not be the best product for my pocket or my 4 c hair.


I have come to the conclusion, that the Dark and Lovely Au Natural Porducts are not for my 4c hair. I would have loved the smell and the price but my hair will never forgive me.


Afro StarFor now, it’s only worth 1 afro star out of 5 afro Stars.

Much Love


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