BEHIND THE SCENES FOR #KLOP kykNETenkie : Confidence Model !


One of the best days of my life.

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I had the privileged of being interviewed on #KLOP on channel 145 on DTSV kykNETenkie.

It was exactly 10 years ago, that I appeared on an Afrikaans singing talent show called, Supersterre. After the show I went on to study and started working . Not knowing what would be in store for . However , God knew.


#KLOP wanted to see meet me on set . How fitting that it was a collaboration with one of my favorite brands and friends, Boudoir Box. They have been infiltrating the market for women of every size.

downloadLadies, if you are like me and you really don’t like generic  clothing. You not a fan of shopping . I can only imagine how you must feel about shopping for under garments and swim wear . I have the best kept secret . Her name is Loyde Trina , She makes custom lingerie and swimwear for women of all sizes. You will get the custom experience with the most understanding price . Her garments made me feel so comfortable .

download (1)

We were joined by the incredible Radz Photography that just knows how to get every good angle of a plus size women and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the lens.

38488639_2122658857758114_8868991261604839424_oOne of my favourite parts of the job , is hair and MAKE-UP ! When I saw the work of Alana Du Plooy from The Travelling Artist  I knew, I’d be happy . I felt like a dream. My sin looked amazing , he contour is on point and her technique is very rare to find an awesome Make-up artist . I was over the moon with the result .

The day of shooting (#KLOP) and shoot (Boudoir Box)

Preparation started way in advance for us. Doing 2 shoots at the same time is no joke. You need to verify schedules, make sure every know where the place is , make a whataspp group for effective communication. It takes some serious planning .

However, the entire team on set was so professional and organised. From the camera guy, Jay. To the producers of the show, Stephanie and Merveline. The presenter, was excellent . #KLOP has an amazing crew of people that know get the best out of you . So that they can get the best for television.

Boudoir Box, The Travelling Artist , Radz Photography and Loyde Triana arrived on set . It was not stiff and and scheduled like most shoots . We were laughing and slowing started to get everything together.

Hair and Make-up took place first with Alana from The Travelling Artist. In all honesty , I don’t usually need my hair done. However , I always need help to puff my afro . It takes a village. You need to check, front of afro, back of afro , side of afro. How does it look in reality and how it look on camera. It gets complicated.

There after , I met up with Loyde Trina and Boudoir Box , who did final fittings and measuring of garments for the shoot. Once everyone was happy with the looks we were going for.

It was time to chat to the team from #KLOP. The camera man and the present sat me down and explained to me how this will work. Honestly, all we did was just sit and have a conversation. We had to stop a few times for different angle, or I needed to redo a sentence. It was all part of making the show. I was so nervous but at the end of the interview. I was chilled.

After my interview, it was time for the shoot. This is my comfortable space .  Between Radz Photopgraphy an Boudoir Box giving me direction to get the right shoot. #KLOP team just watched as the whole shoot unfolded. It truly was amazing . While we were shooting , I took a moment and just thanked God for every single opportunity. Once the day was over, we did final close ups with the #KLOP team and Radz Photography .

When we started to pack up and left the studio, I was overwhelmed at how this day unfolded. I prepared days in advance to answer the questions in Afrikaans correctly , I prepped my afro, my checked out skin. Everything that I and the team was working towards , was now over. Thank you . Thank you . Thank you to the entire team that made this shoot a success. Thank you to my husband, parents, sisters , family, church , afro sisters and natural hair community for your constant support.

God’s Faithfulness is so true. He chose a sinner like me, to bestow upon a blessing like this. I am a 28 year old, stuttering, confidence model living under God’s grace. every single day .

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