New Hair Length. New Me. Old Habits.


Hi Lovelies,

Since the increase of enquiries on how to handle and care for  4c hair. I decided to try a little harder and  take care of my own crown.

When I made the decision, I immediately went to Dischem . I was so excited until I got to the hair aisle.

Thing is, for the past few years, I just bought the “good hair products” that was on special. I never cared to focus on my hair since 2016. It took so much of my time when I did the big chop in 2014 . I don”t know if I’m the only one. However , I just felt like it just has to grow the way it needs to .

Back to my short lived excitement . In less than 4 paces, I was dis-heartened at how expensive most “good hair products” was . How on earth will a natural afford a full range of products for every mood our hair decides to have that day .

Therefore, I will be giving insight on all things on the REAL things 4C naturals go through . So excited for you to join me on my journey .

Please comment , like  or share. We need eachother. So let’s be more visible .

“our hair is what we are born with. our crown is what we take ownership of.”



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